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Bringing people together is what we love to do. Each group has been specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals. Join a group today.


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Women With A Voice

Women with a Voice Ministry is for broken women seeking change in their spiritual lives, to rescue those broken pieces left behind during their journey. To encourage women to rebuild their physical, professional, and spiritual lives. Help women overcome their issues, frustrations and build their self-esteem.


Youth Ministry

To equip, develop, empower and inspire a generation of young women, young men, boys, and girls by presenting the Word of God to them in a stimulating way that they can comprehend, and lead them into an intimate relationship with the Lord.


Covenant Ministry

The Covenant is a marriage ministry that is designed to restore and strengthen marriages by empowering and educating them on how to be the best husband and wife that God has called them to be. For God is marriage and unity is key. We also offer free marriage counseling, by appointment, for anyone in need.


Men on Fire

Help men find the King within themselves by encouraging them to self-discovery and move forward in their walk with God, leading their families, and careers. Assist them in rekindling the fire of Jesus Christ in their heart with prayer, studying the word of God, and mentoring them for accountability. Teach them to discover the weapons God has given them to overcome different alleys of life and help to kill the silent spirit that comes to separate men from their identity.


Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry helps empower and provides the singles with the tools they will need to live and date as a Christian. They will learn what it means to date and how to set boundaries in a relationship.


King’s Daughters

Mentoring young women into their purpose and destiny. Empowering them to balance and maneuver successfully the many roles and responsibilities of a virtuous, honorable women of influence.

Boys to Men

Preteens and teens – a pre-adult mentorship group for boys ages 8-15 years.


Teens and young adult males for age 16-22. This mentorship will train this age group to cross over smoothly into adulthood.